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new year, new plans

So here we are in 2015!

Yes, yes… it’s just a number, and life goes ever onward and all that… But it’s nice to use it as a punctuation mark in one’s career as well.

Last year was, for many reasons, my ‘annus horribilus’ (did I actually say that!?)… with limited performance opportunities, some personal setbacks, and the sad loss of my Dad a few weeks into the rehearsal for the play I was directing in September…

We weren’t close by any means… he never really understood why anyone would want to become an actor, or musician, and had nothing but derision for those who did. So I guess you could say that support from that direction was limited to that which came from my mother.

In later years I went off and lived my life and he carried on living his, punctuated by the occasional phone call to touch base and say hello (one-sided.. always me making the calls). After a couple of years of declining health, he died at the age of 85…

So now here I am, in January 2015, determined to plough on and make some kind of success for myself, even if he doesn’t get to see it!

I did a stint as the Big Bad Wolf in panto just after Christmas (which was immense fun!), but now I’m getting my head down, and continuing to work on a one-woman show I’ve had planned for ages. Hopefully this will come to fruition in the Spring, along with the music I’m currently writing.

I’m back on the cart, and raring to go…

2015? Bring it on!


cometh the autumn….

Well it couldn’t last, could it? Autumn well and truly on it’s way… rain rain rain.

I’m about to start rehearsals for a new production of the old Arnold Ridley play “The Ghost Train”, which I’m directing. We’ll be staging in Chorlton, Manchester at the end of October…

I’m probably going to do my plastic auteur thing and “write the theme tune… sing the theme tune…” thing… (ie. write music, and design the lighting…!)   So that’s my creative outlet for this autumn…

Having said that, I still have some hot irons in the fire, as it were, acting-wise… but it’s all so nebulous. You audition, you don’t hear much for ages, and then you get a recall, and then it’s all a waiting game again. Nature of the profession…

Glad to have my voice and video reels completed though. It’s taken a while for that. I still have some occasional voiceover work for a travel company I’m working with to tick me over.

Oh, and I started a diet. Hmmm. Yes…. First month not great. Must do better!!



yet another winter update

“So… Annie… you’re a literate, some would say verbose, social media addict… why do you leave it so long between updates??”

“Well, it’s like this…. sometimes there just ain’t much to report upon!”

And so it is….  news has been thin on the ground for the past few months.. apart from one major thing.

I had a casting with the legendary comedy producer, Jon Plowman, courtesy of lovely casting director Jo Buckingham, which was a delight and a privilege. It was for a comedy series which is still “in development”, which means that unless the BBC money men like it, it might not happen at all. But it was lovely to be asked, and even nicer to get a recall two weeks later… knowing that I was in the last few was a great boost to my flagging self-confidence. Also, the trips to London were fun :)

But it wasn’t to be. Never mind. Good to be seen, and hopeful that they’ll bear me in mind when it comes to other comedy roles. I WILL get there.

The music is starting to flow again… slowly… so myself and John are hoping we might have an album ready in about 18 months!

In the wider world, one of my bessie mates waved goodbye to her job of nearly 16 years on Coronation Street, as Julie Hesmondhalgh moved on to other projects and more diverse parts. I’ve known Julie for nearly as long as she’s been in the Street, and I’m delighted she’s taken the bold step of striking out on her own again, given her talent, passion, and sense of fun. If I get a mere sliver of the success she has had so far, I’ll be lucky indeed.

Happy Xmas and New Year, peeps.

summer update

It’s been a quiet few months, acting-wise, with my energies being diverted into the somewhat more prosaic pursuit of wages! I’m currently doing some part-time work for a local college, and so between that, and trying to finish off some recording projects, a few comedy sketches and some other stuff, it’s been hard to focus on one thing in particular. But things ARE getting done. I recently worked on a sketch show in sunny Chorlton a few weeks ago. Comedy stuff. Broad strokes. Immense fun!

It also looks as if Manchester’s  24:7 Theatre Festival might be passing me by again… I’m just not the right age…. too old AND too young! Disappointing but understandable.

There may be some interesting work later this year which I can’t talk about as yet, and possibly some more involvement with the excellent Lass O’Gowrie, as they prepare to help celebrate Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary this coming November. Like me, they are big fans and I’ve heard some great gossip about their plans!

Now if only Andy Pryor would look at my CV one day… ah Doctor Who… the Holy Grail of acting for a Whovian such as I! One can but hope :)

My video showreel is finally taking shape, with the addition of a few short student films in preparation. This will be available online once completed.

That’s about it for June, folks. Don’t forget the suncream!

withnail & i

Just completed a run of Withnail & I  at the Lass O’gowrie in Manchester.  Six shows, excellent cast, excellent experience. A small audience of thirty each show were taken around Marwood’s world of drug-induced highs, mud-induced lows and Withnail’s memorable one-liners.

I’m having a relaxing weekend now, after doing a three week marathon of panto, followed by Withnail…. (exhausting!) … but with the words of one of the reviews ringing in my ears…

The female characters were all played by Annie Wallace, beginning with the dishevelled cafe customer biting into her fried egg sandwich after carefully surveying it with the cold pitiless eyes of a jungle cat. Her frosty, hyper suspicious farmer’s wife was another beautifully judged comic cameo, and the mousey Miss Blennerhassett was a hoot – treading on eggshells while serving tea and cake to Penrith’s visiting scum”

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