Hollyoaks’ John Paul And New Trans Character Sally For Shock Plot Twist

From Attitude.co.uk – 16th March 2016

Hollyoaks’ John Paul (James Sutton) is about to get a big surprise when he learns the true identity of Sally St Claire, the new headteacher at the school where he works.

In episodes screened on Monday (March 14), John Paul’s mother Myra McQueen paid a visit to Hollyoaks High and recognised Sally (Annie Wallace). She was previously known as Iain, and was in fact John Paul’s father.

Speaking to Inside Soap, Sutton said: “The fact that his father has had a sex change and has taken a job as his boss is just weird – I don’t think anyone would take that information well.”

He added that this was just the latest in a string of bizarre plots for the show. “It’s bonkers, isn’t it? But there have been a lot of plots that Hollyoaks bosses have put to me where I’ve thought, ‘That’s crazy!’, but then they have ended up as great stories.”

Sally is the latest transgender character to join the Channel 4 soap, which is considered to be pioneering in its depictions of LGBT life.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Wallace explained her character’s intentions for taking a job at her son’s school.

“Sally knows she’s not getting any younger,” she said. “She’s 50 years-old, she’s risen to the top of her profession and she’s very happy with that, but there’s also something missing in her life. She’s always known about John Paul because she found out about that quite early on, but she’s never felt that she’s been able to do anything about it until now.”