Sally St Claire to be jailed in a male prison?

From – 14th June 2016

There could be a terrible ordeal on the horizon for headteacher Sally St Claire as her arrest for allegedly pushing Myra McQueen down the stairs in Hollyoaks could see her landed in a male prison – and actress Annie Wallace has warned that her alter ego may not survive the trauma. 

Shocking scenes will see Myra seriously injured during a row with Sally and despite John Paul’s insistence that Sally would never hurt Myra, she is arrested. With James Nightingale telling John Paul that they need a witness to corroborate Sally’s version of events, the fight is on to clear her name.

And it becomes even more important when Sally, who was born a male, realises she could be sent to a male prison.

Speaking to Inside Soap, Annie explained: ‘Sally doesn’t have a Gender Recognition Certificate, which legally grants trans people the gender they currently possess. It can be a brutal process and cost a lot of money, so many people don’t have one. The upshot is that prison service guidelines say that a prisoner should be sent to the appropriate jail according to their legal gender.

‘So, without a certificate, Sally could go to a male prison and she’s utterly distraught at the idea. She doesn’t think she could come out the other side alive.’

Whether or not such a fate lies in store for Sally remains to be seen but there are clearly troubling times ahead for her in the wake of Myra’s fall…