Hollyoaks star Annie Wallace hints Sally St Claire could expose Mac Nightingale’s true colours

From DigitalSpy – 2nd November 2017

Hollyoaks star Annie Wallace has hinted at a possible comeuppance for killer Mac Nightingale.

Fans are desperate to know whether Mac will ever face the consequences of his actions after causing the terrifying school explosion and murdering his partner Neeta Kaur amid the carnage.

While nobody in the village is suspicious of Mac at the moment, Annie has now told Digital Spy that her character Sally St Claire could be the one to crack the mystery.

 In a chat with us, Annie explained: “One of the things that Sally is most hooked on after the disaster is finding out how and why it happened. Once she knows it was deliberate, it takes her a while to piece things together. Initially she’s just hating Mac for his abuse of Neeta – and she’s already disliked him for some time anyway!

“By the end of November, all of the little blocks fall into place. Sally will confront Mac and that won’t exactly go well, to say the least!”

Hinting that other characters could get involved too as the story continues, Annie revealed: “All of the cards stack up. Lots of characters have an axe to grind against Mac – Sally, James, Hunter, Marnie and God knows who else that he’s beaten, threatened and insulted. He’s also been homophobic towards Scott.

“Things are building, so we’ll see where that goes, but that probably won’t be pretty!”

Anyone hoping to see Hollyoaks High quickly rebuilt and Sally back in her rightful position as headteacher may also be in for some disappointment, as the school won’t be re-opening anytime soon.

Asked about the impact, Annie replied: “You probably won’t see Sally for a little bit next year. She might have a little bit of a break, but that’s to be expected when she hasn’t got a school to go to.

“Obviously Sally is staying at the McQueens’, so you’ll see her pop in and out, but you won’t see her being a headteacher for a while.

“I assume the school will be rebuilt eventually and from its ashes will come something new and glossy next year – I hope! Hopefully with a nice new office for Sally!”